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The Future is Beautiful

Throughout 2012 we are sharing an illustration with you every week to help you to re-imagine the future that you choose. For the fourteenth week of 2012 , we are sharing Josie Nicholson’s Future. Josie is a founding member and former Associate Director of the Ethical Fashion forum and has her own blog ‘Creativity, Style and ethical too‘. She is currently working on the London 2012 Olympics.

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Memory Palace at Cass Art

We asked our very own in-store artists 'If you could only keep one memory, what would it be?', inspired by Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace at the V&A. Each artist chose to preserve their memory in a medium.

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Nonsense Society

The Nonsense Society was created by the famous composer Franz Schubert in the 1800’s in order to share creativity, art, culture and music. After he died, the idea was lost. We’re picking up where he left off. Join us.

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Broad Vision brings together researchers from the diverse disciplines of Photographic Arts, Imaging Science, Illustration, Computer Science, Psychology and Biomedical Science. Microscopy and imaging technologies are utilised to explore themes of scale and abstraction, seeking and analysing, science and art. Students with open eyes and open minds have been taking the laboratory into the studio and the studio into the laboratory. 

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The Vespera

The Vespera is a mythical adventure of a girl, Shameece, who embarks on a dangerous journey to find the Iglot, a mysterious stranger who has cast a spell of fear and silence over her village. She is helped by her mother, the Ata of Truth, and by her friend, Lucia, and by her own extraordinary powers to see into the truth and beauty of a thing and change into what she sees.

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Westminster Illustration

Graduated from university in 2011 with a final degree show at Ambika P3 in Baker Street.

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Debut Contemporary

Debut Contemporary is an award winning art incubator with a professional development platform and a vibrant contemporary art gallery space in Notting Hill, West London.

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"Skulls were everywhere at New Blood this year, but Ailish's creepy painting based on bone's osteocyte cells was the best of the bunch. It's reminiscent of Victorian skull optical illusions, except without the opposing image."

-Digital Arts 2011

"Ailish Sullivan showed a series of three beautiful works, of which Bone and Buttercup were especially lovely. She focuses on science for the inspiration behind these delicate pieces, which are made up of textures found at a microscopic level. The reproductions above don’t really do these pieces justice at all."

-Amelia's magazine 2011

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