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  1. Ink vs Watercolour, Exploring the key differences

    I have a mixture of inks and watercolours and it takes time to discover the features and differences between the two of them. I’ve summarised my findings below but let me know if you’ve also discovered anything when you’ve experimented with either - or both together Layering  You can get…

  2. In a Hurry? How to fit Creativity in

    One of the many trends of social media is #dailyart #artaday #drawingaday. While it’s great to scroll through daily posts from some very creative people you can sometimes feel pressure to do the same and for most of us with full time jobs this is very unreasonable! Something that I found that works…

  3. How to Start a Project, 10 Top Tips

    Whether you have a flash of inspiration or you have an idea that’s been in the back our your mind for a while, I’ve put together a few tips on how to get off on the right foot. Just a disclaimer, everyone works differently and this may not work for…

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